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Pullpenz.com Author News

For Immediate Release: Indie Author Valessa Winslow Announces Call For Debut Book Reviewer Submissions Online

Valessa Winslow has launched her debut indie book title ” Rape The Silencer: Good Girls Don’t Tell Until Now” in a pre-release book draft download copy for reviews that can be submitted online for a 6-day period starting today on Tuesday August 22nd, 2017 at 10am CT thru Monday, August 28, 2017, ending at 10am CT.

“Winslow’s book covers serious subjects that expose domestic and marital violence, mental cruelty and illness, childhood innocence, sexual abuse, predators, adolescent abuse, spiritual awareness, development and leadership.” – Tracey Bond, Book Compilation/Consultant at Pullpenz.com for Author Valessa Winslow’s Rape The Silencer: Good Girls Don’t Tell Until Now

ABOUT THE BOOK & PRE-RELEASE DRAFT: “Valessa Taylor shares her personal story of tragedy to triumph. In sharing her shocking and painful experiences of violence in her home and community, Valessa provides hope to all women who may be haunted by a demon from the past that limits their lives today. Valessa, through her life example, empowers women to see that our past is not our future. Her story empowers each of us to embrace life experiences in ways that release us to live the lives and dreams we are intended to live. Her book is not merely an inspiration. It is a call to action to reclaim our lives and transform ourselves, to be the strong, confident, powerful women we were created to be.” ~ Nancy Dunn Thompson, PhD
Director, Community Outreach and Communications
School of Science and Technology

ABOUT YOUR BOOK REVIEW FOR SUBMISSION: Pullpenz.com is conducting the online submission process for to submit a review of Winslow’s pre-release book draft, please click the link provided here at http://bit.ly/2i0VALE

Once received and selected, book reviewers will be notified when to watch for their review to be featured on Author Winslow’s company website at http://Inspire2bTransformed.com

SPECIAL VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT for Valessa Winslow’s Book Reviewers: https://youtu.be/FWTjD-DahUk

About the Author: “Ordinary is not my DNA” ~ Valessa Winslow

Valessa Winslow is a powerhouse, motivational speaker, author, and life coach. Her 21 years of military expertize include: logistics, transportation, corporate training, project and program management . . . she is an instructor of instructors.
As a believer and person of faith, courage, and perseverance, she passionately supports women who have overcome domestic violence, physical and mental abuse, and dramatic life-changing events through the purpose of her spoken and published words. After a successful military career in the United States Air Force, Valessa’s testimony of personal tragedy and triumph as a single parent encourages people on how to achieve the same success with one goal in mind, showing up, and unleashing their greatness! She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and has served on the Executive Board as the Chief Learning Officer for the Alamo Young Government Leaders; and a member of the Black Women in the Business organization in San Antonio, Texas. A Mississippi native, Valessa Winslow resides today in San Antonio, Texas with her three beautiful children, Ashley, Jarvis, and Jamal Taylor.










Indie and Debut Author Valessa Winslow is available for keynote speaking opportunities and media/press interviews. For more information please contact Tracey Bond, Chief Virtual Publicist of record for Valessa Winslow at http://Inspire2bTransformed.com at Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR via “The Desk” email at desk@beneficience.com. See direct media contact information as follows in this news announcement and release.

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